Thursday, September 22, 2011

Point, Click, don't delete!

A disposable, one-time-use Kodak camera in 1998 turned into an iPod in 2011. Remember when Eckerd would sell their re-usable cameras? Those were a hit for a period of time. Remember when Polaroid’s instant film was still sold in stores? Yeah, that was back in the day, too.

When I was in high school, I took a photography class – a memorable photography class. It wasn’t much; nothing fancy. No state-of-the-art dark room, but it did what we wanted. I took some photos and developed them myself. I gained some friends and learned some things, but that was that. Through those years, my friends and I would take an endless amount of photographs… ENDLESS. We were obsessed with capturing everything we did, no matter what it was. To this day, I photograph the most random things. Time flies and shoe boxes fill up. I have roughly 10 shoeboxes full of photos, memories, thoughts, people I love and some I don’t know anymore, times of when things were for the young, for the careless and carefree – a photograph can capture those images… those feelings. I love to photograph what I feel is special to me. An event? A wound? A drawing? A movement, a gesture? Sure, I’ll take it. My older sister let me borrow (then have) her old 35mm manual SLR camera. I think the lens was 80mm. It’s broken now (no thanks to someone who shall remain nameless!). That was my camera of choice. It went with me to Austin, TX and back, S.L.P., Mexico and back, and then it retired, as was the film those photos were burned onto. Film, where are you? Come back to me at a decent price. Thanks.

Fast forward a decade or so. I’m still here, doing what I did a decade ago: taking pictures of things that interest me, and people I love and care about. Nothing will change that about me. I love pictures, photographs, encapsulating those special moments that our brains can only hold so much of into a little square-digital these days, but a square on the screen nonetheless. Sure there are benefits of this digital age… just don’t hit delete by accident or forget to back-up your precious memories.

I wish there were a way I could upload those 5K plus photos I have in those shoeboxes, but I don’t think I can live long enough to do it. Maybe when I retire, too, but by then I would have more than I could handle… that’s a good thing.

My little gadget has helped me while being on-the-go and taking a quick flick at a moment’s notice. I love it. Being a mother, I need a camera at my fingertips at all times. Little boo can surprise me when I least expect it and I need to be ready for it.

You, too, shouldn’t let any moment pass you by.

miT and me,guitarist for 311!! back of Bronco Bowl, 2001...

My eldest niece, Natalie, 2006...
T.N., S.L.P., MX of the best trips I've been taken on...

Emily and I...2006...I was still in shock after announcing our newest addition...daddy in the background
boo has grown up in art galleries all his life, yes utero, 2007...

fun in the summer...2011

Boo's POV...taking photos is in his blood...2011

be quiet and drive...2011


  1. man, that one of you and em is a throwback! lol @ the matching shoes <3

  2. I have plenty more of all of us! Lol. I noticed that when I posted the pic. I still have all my pumas crispy and clean!