Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer's Not Over, Yet

After Labor Day, everyone thinks summer is over - but it's not! We still have 2 more weeks! Don't deprive me of my loves!
I practically lived at the FOE pool

I love that the fella and I have the same schedule!
I love the BBQs and parties my family and friends have!
I love wearing dresses and short-shorts everyday!
I love crashing people's pools and swimming til it's dark!
I love that the sun lightens my hair and darkens my skin!
I love that it doesn't get dark til past 8pm!
I love when the sun makes my skin warm!
I love when my hair air-dries after swimming, and it has perfect waves!
I love dancing at rooftop parties to great music!
I love camping outdoors with all of my husband's family!

I, for one, want to hold on to summer and all its little loves!


  1. I love when my hair air dries, too! :D
    hold on to the last little bit, until next year!

  2. i'm gonna miss FOE and all the beardies!

  3. everyone knows how much i love my warm weather but these past days with triple digits have been brutal!!! so for once and very rarely i say...fall come on in! i shall welcome you with open arms! i am ready to wear my new coat!