Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Dream....

Overslept! Bahhhh! That’s what happens when you are a vampire and your body refuses to see the light of day. Lately, this schedule has been taking such a toll on my body that I just don’t feel normal anymore. Things must change, but more on that some other day. For now, my apologies for the lateness of this post.

The topic of today….. my dream.

Some of the best times during my crazy days are spent in the shower. That is where I find my stage and become that star. Once upon a time, I had these dreams to sing but never had enough confidence or courage to do so. I loved the idea of bringing happiness to people through music and having all sorts of awesome clothes! I went from being an indie wanna-be singer to a rock en español wanna-be - I even thought about opera! It was the stage that I yearned for, and at the same time dreaded! I remember spending hours of my day just writing and listening to my fav songs to gather inspiration. Then I would hit the shower and test them out. Emo style! I loved surrounding myself with music, so I followed local bands around and stuck by one for a long time… shout out to KILOMETRO! They were living my dream, so I tagged along living vicariously through them. After jam sessions, I would linger around in hopes that I could grab that mic... and one day I did.

I had a little over 5 songs written out and recorded about 3 that I can recall. I loved every minute in the studio where I was finally able to come out of the shower. Thanks to the help of my friend with his mad instrument skills and only fellow band member, Auggie, I was able to live a dream that I had dreamt for many years. I never went as far as hitting the stage but, for me, having my songs recorded was enough.

As time went on, new dreams arose and I placed this one back in its location. After all, I knew that chasing this dream was going to bring many years of struggle, and I had bigger things to catch. I do often wonder what if I would have just stepped a little more into it, but I remember why I made my decision to leave it and I smile.

Well, I shall take off now. My iPhone is on the dock and I hear my audience calling behind all the water drops. I must hit the stage!
Yeah I sing in the shower!!! So what? It's my dream.

-this girl, di


  1. i have no words. i had no idea! where the hell are the tapes?! I NEED THEM!

  2. Singing in the shower rocks!!! I remember Kilometro!!!!

  3. lol the tapes are locked up in a safe to never be let out again! im a rockstar linder and i must protect my product! maybe one day i shall hum a tune for ya!!!

    kilometro!!!!!! such a fun and great memory!