Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My dog drives me crazy!

I have a black pug who is absolutely insane! His name is Charlie, and he loves to bark at planes or anything that walks by. It gets annoying when you have a sleeping baby in the next room. You would think that pugs wouldn't bark as much as a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian, but they do. He loves to whine...yes, I said whine. He does that little puppy cry whenever he wants something. Most of the time he does it when he wants to go outside. He likes to sniff peoples armpits. Don't ask me why he just does. He likes to follow me around. Where ever I go Charlie is right behind me. Sometimes I wish I would have gotten that adorable little white dog instead of this crazy pug. At the end of the day I still love my crazy, weird, annoying dog.

This is Charlie my crazy dog! Don't be fooled - he is seriously insane!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Standing Only Dress

Recently I wore a skirt that was what I refer to as "standing only". A "standing only" can be a skirt, dress, top, or pants. It's anything that you can't really sit down in, either because it will ride up (in my situation) or because it's too tight. Victoria Beckham once wore a dress that she had to stand in all day, too. It was a beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress modeled after a Chinese Ming vase.

Victoria in a standing only Roberto Cavalli dress
Victoria Beckham asked Roberto Cavalli to model the dress just like the vase and take the bottom in so much that she had to stand the whole time!

It's a great risk to wear one of these, especially since you have to commit to standing the whole time you have it on. This proves very unpractical at times, but us girls (and some guys) will do anything for fashion!

Since I feel I've become quite the pro at this, I've learned a few tricks to get me through the day:
  • Don't wear shoes that will hurt more than half an hour
  • Don't wear these outfits anywhere you will have to sit down (restaurants, plays, church, work, etc.)
  • Perfect places to wear these to are art shows, parties, clubs, some weddings - but only if you're gonna commit to standing through the event
  • Wear these outfits with someone who will be there to help you bend down or pick things up that fall
  • Don't try to sit, kneel, or hop a fence (I learned the hard way). Recognize your limits and stick to 'em.
And before you start judging and saying this is dumb or superficial, save it! Women are still going to do it so you'll be wasting your breath!