Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moving time

This last Saturday we moved into a new apartment, and I'm loving it! We moved to an apartment on the first level, in the same building. We were having trouble with our downstairs neighbor at our old apartment. She was so sensitive to noise. She would very annoyingly bang on her ceiling (our floor) to tell us we were being too loud. We literally couldn't even walk to our bedroom without hearing her bang! I'm glad we moved!

I really love my new apartment. Our view is better, and it feels more like a home. Plus, it gives us an excuse to redecorate! OK - I gotta go. Ari is starting to get crazy! Mommy duty calls!


  1. oooh, and i get to see the new place on jersday! great timing!

  2. your new place is awesome emer! and i do love the new view...i miss tuggy boat. now its time to redecorate!