Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why don’t you want to have a baby?

I’m going to answer this once and for all, I hope. I don’t want to have kids yet because I’m not ready! Simply-put!
I wonder if people realize what they’re asking me! It’s not to have a lovable kid that you can hold for a while, or see who the baby will look like! No, you are asking me to create another human being! One that, ultimately, I will be responsible for! I’ll have to shape and mold that child into a respectable human being. And it starts when s/he’s born!

My new niece, Baby Selah Vanessa
It’s not only figuring out how to physically take care of the baby, and make sure it doesn’t get hurt. You have to make sure you don’t make them too needy and attached to you. You have to nurture them just right. Then, as a toddler, make them obedient and teach them new things. It’s not just figuring out how to make it through the terrible-twos - you have to mold your child so s/he’s not terrible! Then come the even harder child years, when all your hard work will either pay off or lack thereof will really come out. You have to figure out how to discipline your child and help them become his/her own! This is also when kids can get hurt, so you have to constantly watch over them, but not too much that they don’t grow on their own! I won’t even get to the pre-teen and teen years! Those are too much for me to even handle!

And I don't even want to think about how much money it will take to have a baby, and then feed and clothe them, and give them all they need!

Having a baby is not just having a baby! It’s creating a human being that will have morals, and respect, and be accomplished! I don’t even think I’m there yet!


  1. When are you going to have a baby, Ana?! (Questions I ask when I want to play baby shower games and buy baby clothes.)

    I hear ya, girl! There's no timeline and you're still young! Plus, you have a lot of awesome, fun things going on!

  2. You are so right! There is a tremendous amount of hard work that goes into parenting a child. Its not easy and often they teach you lessons. In the end, it's all worth it. I know ppl say this all the time, but to have a being that loves you just as much as you love your own mother is priceless.

    I can tell by reading this post you'll be a great mother.

  3. Standing O and round of applause!! nicely placed ana...i def understand your point of view. being in the same boat i totally see your side and completely understand about not being ready. but in my situation i think i am more deathly afraid than anything else! im already a worry wort and having a bundle of my own will def send me over the deep end! but maybe one day i will have that desire come knocking at my door before my eggs are all fried!

  4. Lin, don't pressure me at baby showers! j/k thanks girlie!

    Mikki, aww thank you that is incredibly sweet! I'd like to think that I will be. :)

    Di, we need to start a group!! j/k You'll be a great mama!!