Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deep in the heart...

It’s about that time! Yesterday’s weather, a cool 86 degrees, was a great change up from the usual 100+ here in the Lone Star State. Along with all other great feelings of this great weather is the reminder of what’s to come later this month: The State Fair of Texas! Some call me crazy, some call me cool - all I know is that the fair should not be missed, and I am all over it! I made a calendar for it, and everything!

If the fair was a carnival, I’d be a carnie! I enjoy anything and everything there: I love that people come in from out of state, out of town just for those 3 weeks of fun, FOOD and more FUN! I enjoy trying the new and bizarre foods (although sometimes I don’t try them all), the picture-taking, the people! Everything is so photogenic there! As you can tell, I’m extremely excited for this time of year. Get your season pass, let’s go!

New fried foods for the 2011 season:

fried bubble gum, its not really bubble gum! (winner for most creative)
fried buffalo chicken in a flapjack (winner for the tastiest!)
the place looks better at night, so many lights! and the fresh air to go with it! love!


  1. I hope I can at least catch the tail end of it...

  2. you would have a calendar, syl. i want fried salsa!

  3. Of course! I have to stay on top if this! Let's taste it when we go! Ask for the day off!! Funnnn!!!

    I hope you do Belen!: D

  4. that bubble gum one looks gross! but i shall try it! i cant wait for the fair too syl! i love the fact that you get so excited about it like i do :) its one of my favorite things in life. the weather...the food....the family time!