Monday, October 3, 2011

Meddlesome Mondays

Blushing Dames was on a little hiatus last week... we've been busy gals. But worry not, our dear readers, because we'll be back soon with more posts. Hang tight!

Check out some pretty/inspiring/cool things I found for you to peep!

Hey, you. Dude. In skinny jeans. Make sure the jeans fit. The jeans. Make sure they fit. And other guidelines for menswear.

Move. Eat. Learn. 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38,000 miles, and 1 hot guy. Check out these amazing videos. The filming is amazing. I'm wanderlusting like a motha!

Hair, skin, and make-up tips for women and men.

Quick! Take me somewhere fancy so I can wear this gown.

Alyson Fox is one talented lady. Aside from her gorgeous artwork (just gets better the more you scroll), she also photographs. She's releasing a new book, A Shade of Red, containing portraits of more than 100 women with only a single shade of red lipstick linking them together. Lovely.

And your game-plan to make it through the week? Simply.

1 comment:

  1. I think of this song when I see that gown! "I walked into the room, dripping-in gold! yea dripping in gold" !!