Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going Back to Pre-K!

I have to go back to Pre-Kinder! I started a new job last week as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher's aide! Back to blocks, and ABC's and 123's! I love it! I love the way kids look at me with big eyes. They think I have all the answers and know how to do it all. Most of all, I love the way they say my name, Mrs. Gonalez, as Mrs. Gonalez (somehow they lose the Z).

I've noticed a few things being a Pre-K TA. A big one is not being able to wear heels! I have to wear comfortable clothing and lots of cotton, as I do a lot of dancing and walking around!

Also, a lot of the kids have accidents... lots of 'em. Potty accidents are the worst kind. And they love to put everything in their mouths! Glue, paste, crayons, paint, and play-doh are all materials of choice. A few other things I've noticed: they love to color and do puzzles.

Now you guys know how I love to compile lists, so I've compiled a list to help you with your own little one starting Pre-K:

  • First: potty train them! Kids have way too many accidents at school.
  • Read to your child! The more kids are read to, the better they will understand letters.
  • Let them color at home! Buy them crayons and coloring books. It develops motor skills.
  • Most importantly: let them learn. A lot of times I see parents trying to baby their 4-year-olds! They can do more than you think.
  • And lastly: be careful what your kids hear/see. They repeat it all at school! Things like "my dad works at night 'cause he's a robber!" or "I'm peeing outside 'cause that's what my dad taught me to do."
    Hopefully I'll survive the year at Pre-K!


    1. Great advice sissy! I'll make sue Auggie is fully potty trained when I send him to your class!

    2. your last bullet scares me! I wonder what Benny might tell his teacher that he has seen his daddy do. yikes!
      This sounds super exciting, naners! I love it and congrats, again! :D

    3. lol...totally makes my current decision that much stronger! lol no kiddos anytime soon!!!

      its awesome to know nanners! and truly great advice for the mommys out there!

      i miss eating playdoh! lol
      you and my cousin should share stories!!! she is an elementary school teacher and has the best stories about her kids!