Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is not a phase

It began with a 1966 Ford F-150: sea foam green, rustic but running. I hated that truck when I was younger, freshman in high school. I was embarrassed to say the least. By graduation, I didn’t care what everyone else thought - about anything. I saw that truck and saw potential. I loved that my dad kept it running by whatever means necessary. I loved that the radio was still there, knobs and numbers, but got no reception whatsoever. Everything inside was original, except he made it a standard. When I mean everything, I mean everything! The seal on the windows, the seat, and the door handles, the mirrors, the engine! Have you ever seen the engine of a classic truck? Well, you could see the ground straight through, unlike today’s vehicles. I would have loved to see that truck restored and on the road with my dad driving it. I tried once, ordered us a parts magazine: LMC Truck. They have everything I could imagine!
Knobs, seals, decals! I enjoyed the times when my dad would work on his truck and I would be nosy and watch to learn. He would shoo me away, stubborn as I am, I stayed.

Next in the family: a 1956 Chevy, dark blue. I never saw it running, for it was sold before restorations were made to it. That classic had potential as well; it was never given a chance.

I’ve been to many classic car shows since those days and it makes me want to restore one of my own more and more. When I get my chance, I would keep it simple, clean, classic. No CD players inside, no fancy air conditioning (if it never had it), no low-rider status. I want to keep the vehicle as it was in its heyday. Then, I want to drive around in it on the weekends and cruise the town with Benny and his friends in tow. Maybe even drop him off at school in it. Dreams!

Have you even seen the movie: CARS? If you have kids, you probably have. It’s a great movie; make sure to watch the bonus material. This is the scene that I love.

Here are a few shots of the latest classic car show I went to:

I don't agree with the wheel choice on this one so much...

reminds me of the one on Beetlejuice!

Driving Benny around in this one, with his friends!

In my driveway,one day!

notice the "air conditioner" love!


  1. my dad used to have a truck just like the first one. so cool.

  2. no way!? super cool. I want a chevelle! :D