Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Edition of DIY Di

Its time to let you guys see another one of my fave DIY loves! This little project was one of the first homemade fixtures I completed when we moved into our place. It has MADE my little sunroom into a little piece of heaven. It’s a place we can relax and read our books to find more great ideas and inspiration!! It provides a soothing place to sit back and listen to our music to unwind from the day. Its OUR little room.
The project was brought to us by the Salvage Sisters' awesome book! My fiancĂ© found them while we lived in the apartments, and bought the book for me to gather inspirational ideas (he’s sweet like that). Once we turned to page 66, we knew it had to belong in our soon-to-be new home. 

So off we went to find some of these:

I found these on the side of the road! I love love love curb-side shopping!!!! Don’t be a judger!

And turn them into this:
you can use it to store all sorts of stuff! we decided to use ours as a book shelf but you can store your knick-knacks, plants, vases, records, dvds - anything!

Supplies are super easy to find, and fast to assemble. Do yourself a favor and go buy this book if you love the idea as much as we do! These ladies are so creative and, throughout their book, they share many of their DIY projects. What I loved about them the most was that they love curb-side shopping as much as I do! They have such an eye for designing with found/FREE stuff! So next time - before you throw away that dresser/curtain/chair/table/anything - take a good long look at it and imagine a new beginning!

they provide step-by-step guidance on how to build your new shelves and have many more DIY inspirations too!

My apologies about not providing pics over the process, but we built it on a late night, and completely forgot to capture the awesomeness! OK, OK... when I say "we" I mean the fiancé with the man power tools in hand and me directing and designing it.

We plan on and can continue adding on if space is needed. That's another reason why this project is so awesome! So if you guys have drawers that need a home, I am adopting!
I love our room!
go know you want and admire!

Now go home and build something out of nothing!!!! Restore and reuse people! And please, please, let this girl know if you run into something awesome to DIY... I'm always looking for the design high!

-this girl (DIY DI!)


  1. I love that idea!! So cute! I'll remember that for when I move out.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca from

  2. i really love this, di. your little room is something to envy.

  3. you're so artsy. makes me want to gag from the jealousy. haha! it's so cute, nani! :D love it