Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Traveler

If anyone who knows me has ever paid attention to what I say, or read what I wrote in my last post, you would know this much about me: I want a time machine. NOW!

I recently saw the movie Midnight in Paris (watch it!). It’s a good movie on its own, but what I loved more about it was the different eras it was set in (trying not to spoil the movie). I’ve always wanted to go back in time, to live in any era, experience those events firsthand. The medicine, the science, the fashion - it all interests me. I ask certain people, “If you could go back in time, what era would it be?” Most people say the 50s through 70s. I say the late 1700s through early 1900s (don’t laugh at me)! I love watching movies, short series, or shows set in those times! 

The fashion! So detailed and intricate!

First autopsies! So interesting to me!

It’s not so much that I want to go back and spend my entire life in those days, but if I had a choice, I would spend a year or two in a certain, ever-changing time period.

Think about the excitement in living the time when the light bulb was invented! The telephone! Billy the Kid! Harriet Tubman! Susan B. Anthony, and with that, Women’s Suffrage! Insane asylums! When the first successful dose of vaccine was created and tested! I can go on and on. These were the days when the country was growing and people were learning so many NEW things that were out there!

Needless to say, I love history, if I could, I would want to LIVE it!

Here is one of my favorite shows!

Learn something old that is something new to you, TODAY!



    i would live in the 20s and be a flapper girl! or a hippie in the 60s. but dang, the dresses were so cute in the 50s.

  2. I love many things of those era's as well! The cars! omggg. yes, the style! (insert cat call here) I love it all!

  3. i wish i was around the audrey hepburn days...I love her!

  4. She sure was a cutie, Belen! I love her style! :D