Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things I Love To Hate

Hate is such a strong strong word, but I can't find anything else that will cover that type of impact. "Dislike"... hmm... too weak. “Don’t care for” ... hmm... too proper. So hate it is. This, you might be wondering... cheating (add in a big dramatic gasp and "ooooouuu").

Yes, cheating. That lovely little thing that people like to do here and there, that literally destroys any and every piece of your being! As a woman, I can only speak for my kind, so my opinion will be a bit biased, but I am welcoming any comments.

I recently came to the realization that I had a weird sense of opinion when it came to the “at fault” topic. Group of friends started on the chit-chat, and the question was asked: which cheat should get slaughtered? I said both! In my eyes, the blame is 50-50. I know, I know! “It's not the girl's fault; She probably didn’t know! Aww, she is also being cheated on; She can't help her feelings!” blah blah blah. BULLSHIT!

Look people: POINT BLANK PERIOD, we as women KNOW when shit is going down. On both parts we know! “Hey babe, how about for today’s date you meet me at the park that is located near Waco, and please wear that hat I bought you with those big sunglasses, aight? Oh, and don’t trip when my phone rings and I walk off to answer it. It ain't no big deal that I didn’t call you all last week 'cause you know how I be getting busy with work... What girl you seen me with? Nah, babe, that’s my cousin.”

Didn’t know?
Didn’t know??
Honey, you knew he was spoken for.

And the shittier part is that you stayed because “that’s my man now”, without having any regard for your own kind! So, yes, 50-50! We have all heard the one-liners and the stupid word vomit that these men have played, but you honestly think that after doing his own woman wrong he won't wrong you?! Good luck, sweetheart. And lets not forget the worst of the worst: when women know a man to be in a relationship and they still prowl. *cough cough bitch cough cough*

In my opinion (!!!): Men don’t know any better and women are conniving.

Women, we know better… we have always known better… but yet we still decided to destroy each other. So, I hope the understanding is clear that karma is a bitch and once shit hits the fan, get the fuck off our shoulders because you do not deserve any woman's consoling words.

Like The Great Murs once said: Every bitch needs a dog, so I guess that’s why you want him.

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  1. Well, I know who NOT to go to if I ever get cheated on (Di!!!!).

    But I hear ya, girl. Women have an intuition that you can't ignore unless you choose to. I just wish some women had the strength/self-worth to accept the fact that sometimes things aren't working and it's time to move on. And that goes for anything unhealthy in relationships, not just cheating.

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  4. sorry about the removed comment. the bf decided to post "funny" stuff. had to rewrite a little on the post though. looks like the point wasnt going through how i meant it. hope it does now. basically...cheating is mean.