Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glass Box

I work in a glass box! Windows on both sides of my office! I see people on the street to my right, and people in the bank lobby to my left. I have always worked in a cubicle without windows! This took some getting used to! I had to realize that everything I did could potentially be looked at! Eating at my desk, watching YouTube videos, napping, or booger picking (not that I do), or anything!
[through the glass the lobby, through the reflection the outside]

I was used to being in my cubicle, my bubble, my friends would tell me. Not only physically, but also metaphorically. I used to think that being mysterious was sexy, and I never wanted people to know my thoughts or ideas. I used to be secretive and selective with my friends and close-minded to new friends.

Sitting in this glass box daily made me realize a few things: I wanted to be transparent! To be open-minded and let people see the real me. The reasons I choose to do things, the thoughts leading up to ideas and my dreams - I want people to know them! What’s more sexy than letting people see the real you, the you even you're too afraid of?

But there is a downside to this: not everyone wants to be transparent like you, so be careful who you share things with, and let your heart guide you.


  1. eek... this is a good one, ana! i think that with maturity you open up more to people, and also realize who those people should be.

  2. This is agood change in you, Naners!
    ...(squinty eyes) being careful...
    : D

  3. I love this post. I think it is my favorite so far. Glad to hear you are sharing a little more of yourself =)

  4. you're still closed minded about meeting people! work on that :-) yes, transparency is always the best way to go. What's the point trying to be someone else.

  5. love it!!! great post amiga! im glad that you are starting to open yourself up because i know how special you are and i want the whole world to know that too!

    ps but they better now steal you away! oh i shall be pist! lol

  6. Haha Belen, I said I'm working on it!!

    Di, no one can steal me from ya!!