Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keeping the Grass Green

Recently we thought… "Hmm... homeowners sounds like it fits us." So these kids did it and bought a house!
A little piece of our very own. But now what? Wait a minute… what do you mean it doesn’t come furnished like the shows on HGTV? I have to paint what wall? How much is that whole kitchen??? What were we thinking? Were we even thinking at all?

Its been a roller-coaster of crazy here lately. Moving was pure joy <<< sarcasm. Now having to unload our one-bed/bath apartment junk is madness to say the very least! In my mind, things were running so smoothly, but I just couldn’t make it into reality. Even finding a place to put my toothbrush took me an hour to figure out. AN HOUR!

Then comes the designing task in trying to make this place warm and fabulous. So far: complete frustration and fail. Design is one of my joys, but it does have its hair-pulling moments that make you scream out loud… I HATE THIS HOUSE!! I have had to continuously remind myself that nothing great was built in one day. Time is my friend and I must find love in every corner. Because it is OUR home now with its never-ending cleaning, trash-emptying, clothes-washing, lawn work (thanks babe), wall-hanging crap, painting, decorating, and organizing. It's our piece in this world that we must make into our haven. Slowly the light has been trickling in and letting its magic be seen. It will come together… slowly… but it will.


So for the homeowners out there, I say, I feel yalls pain and thanks for being punk assess and not letting us know this mess before we took that pen to paper! Thanks!

Well, now I'm off to water the grass, 'cause apparently that shit doesn’t stay green by itself.

This girl,



  1. Haha I tried to warn you! But it is looking great!! You'll make it warm and cozy in no time! <3

  2. no warning was given! or maybe thats what i blocked out. lol thanks ladies!

  3. ooohhhh. VERY nice! Looks like HGTV design to me! Keep it up, you definitely have the eye for it! =)

  4. Thanks jay v!! Means alot especially since HGTV is my inspiration, so I hope I am making them proud!!

  5. Di with this weather, Ain't no lawn trying to stay green! lol! I'm happy for you and your new home. ENJOY! I love my old house even though I wouldn't have said that 2 years ago when in the middle of the summer I was remodeling it but it's all worth it at the end.