Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Love Affair!

I have a love affair with coffee! I have had a cup of coffee every day since I was 18! That's at least 2,555 cups of coffee, and maybe more 'cause a lot of days I have more than one cup!

I can't remember the exact date it began, but it started when I was a small child. I would see my mom sit at a coffee shop, The Teak, with her friends talking until late night. My siblings and I would sit around eating a plate of fries we all shared, trying to eavesdrop and play with the antique jukebox! I still remember my sister playing the oldies while we searched the booths for dimes to keep the music going!

As I got older, my first job was a barista at Barnes & Noble Cafe. I loved that job! This is where my curiousity about this drink turned into an obsession! My co-workers and I would make ourselves all types of coffee drinks that didn't exist! We'd try different flavors and different syrups! We'd sneak to the kitchen and read books during our down time with our custom drink.

Now, I take my coffee very plain: just a spoon of sugar and some milk. But every time I take a sip, I remember the the conversations my mom used to have at those booths at The Teak. I remember my barista friends and I sneaking the books and reading them in the cafe kitchen. Coffee for me is nostalgic, it calms me like nothing else by reminding me of my mom and books.


  1. I need coffee ASAP!!! My mom always makes the perfect coffee and used to dip conchas in it!!! Yumm! talk about the best breakfast ever.

  2. OMG I love breakfast!!

  3. meg this is sweet and you're right, for some reason, especially if I'm brewing the coffee at the house, I remember the TEAK days...smoke all in the air, the juke box we could never play a stinken song on, and of course our ONE order of fries for 5 of us...

  4. I love it Bel!! I'll always love The Teak!! :D
    Those fries were awesome!!!