Friday, August 26, 2011


As you should already know… I am, among many things, an extremely amateur baker. Where did it start? When will it end? At home, through my mom, and it will end when I do. I love to bake! When I get a chance and when I get in the mood, I enjoy whipping something up, either from scratch or from the box. Most recently, I baked some chocolate chip & pecan cookies for Benny’s dad. It was his birthday, so I made him what he likes: my cookies! I love baking those things. Every time I do, I think of two people: my mom and Benny’s dad. 

 Took me about 30 minutes to get these babies in and out of the oven. I love to bake!

I have waited all week to bake my next concoction: a two-layer, two-flavor cake (yes ,chocolate is one of them... love it!). I will post a picture and a description of it when it finally gets into and out of the oven. Excited! 

Point is: I love to bake!! Too bad there are issues with posting comments - I would really want to hear everyone’s best dessert ever and I would like to hear some suggestions on what to try next!

P.S. - I still want this, because I want to bake some ganache filled cupcakes (!!!):


  1. Omg those cookies look so yummy!

  2. i love the part "it will end with me" it made me smile because it shows the amount of passion you have with baking and i love it!

    so the next thing i suggest would be to bake me a cake! carrot! you will have until the end of this month. so good luck :)

  3. if ever you need anyone to taste your cookies, I'm available!

  4. as soon as I bake my cake, I will send over a slice! I'll throw in some cookies, too! :D
    thanks Belen!