Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have been waiting...

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and...... yes, waiting to say this one little line..... I am engaged!!!!!

Awww, thank you, thank you! No need for the standing O... sit, sit.

It is official. Oh, so official. Ring on the finger. Blessing from our families. Even the date set! It is finally happening and the best part is: it's actually happening to us. Seven years in the making to get to this point in our lives, and loving every moment.

The day was simply ours. The fiancé (like the sound of it) surprised me with a weekend at a beautiful suite and reservations to a frou-frou restaurant with oh-so-delicious food!

And so it began...

As we sat at out fancy dinner, I knew the moment was amongst us, but where and when?!?! I was antsy. I playfully looked at the bottom of ALL the glasses at the table and asked him, "So, no ring at the bottom of these, huh?" Pastry time!!! Oh, the ring must be in my chocolately goodness! FAIL!

But I know the fiancé ,and he is not the one to put on a big show, especially in front of strangers. So private setting it must be. Which, either way, was fine with me! As long as I had him.

Dinner was done. Tab paid for. On our way back up to our room and I was dying!!!! Not for a possible engagement, but for the potty!!! I had to pee and pee bad! Door opens, I run in literally screaming, "I gotta pee, I gotta potty!" Pee pee dance and all!!!! Then....

pee pee dance!

I round the corner and see smiling faces from all the people that I love more than life itself: my family..... our family. SURPRISE!!! And good jebus it was! Mouth wide-open and nothing coming out... great surprise. The hugging fest started and, soon after, I felt his hand touch mine. He led me to the side and he started to speak. He addressed our families and thanked them for sharing in this moment. Then......

He looked at me, and I at him.

"I couldn't have hand-picked anybody better to ask this to."

Box in hand.... teary eyes in place..... knee gently on the floor.... hand reaches out......
"Will you marry me?"

duh, i said yes
It was perfect because it was us. Hugs came. Beautiful words of advice and congrats from our families continued.

It was perfect.

Hey, fiancé, you did great.

The Dames


  1. standing O...LOL!
    I love it, Di! Love ring, the manner, everything! Thank you for having us over, <3!
    Can't wait for the wedding day!ahhhh!
    ps-I love those pictures! your mom w/the ipad! love!

  2. OMG Di!! I'm so excited and happy for you!!! :D

  3. i'm so incredibly happy for you, di! you two are lucky to have each other. mazel tov!

  4. Oldest friend... Congrats!! I wish you nothing but the best on the journey you both are about to take on!!! You deserve it homie :)
    So my eyes watered a little as I read this...can u blame me? Congrats again!!!

  5. syl: i know she is funny with that ipad! i didnt even get a chance to see her face...only that darn ipad! i wouldnt have had it any other way, you and the girls are a must!

    nanners: im excited that you are excited! lol lets start planning! you must do my make-up! we should def start on planning that soon!

    linder: thanks hon! im so glad that you came over! we had a blast...those drinks were goooood!

    grease!!!! you blogged on my blog!!! love it! first thanks for supporting the blog...you are amazing! i love the fact that we still keep in touch after so many years! you are truly a great old friend! and thank you for the sweet comment and the watery eyes! lol love that the story touched you and others i have told....warms my corazon! get ready for the wedding!!!

  6. Seriously!! I would be honored to do it, di!!! I've got some links I want to send you! :D

  7. Diana!!! so excited for you! I love your ring and it's so cool the way you got proposed to. I swear Valentin didn't propose, he just showed me the ring and I got to talking that he never really asked the question and it was in my mothers backyard no less...but then again we were only 19! I give him grief about it all the time but 10 years later I think we're doing okay. It's in the long haul that it counts!

  8. Awe di felicidades! I am super happy for you! And man what a story to tell your kids later. I wish the best and happiest with you and your boo or should I say future hubby!

  9. Love yall what a sweet story!! Cant wait for the big day!

  10. Yes yes Di, I am a sap for love for some reason. Everything else, not so much. Lol. Anytime. I love reading the blog!!!! Maybe I will comment more! :)
    And uhhhh I can't wait para la pachanga!!
    You guys might inspire me to start one myself!!

  11. Congratulations! My eyes got teary eyed reading your story. So sweet!

    Kindness is the best accessory,