Thursday, July 28, 2011

Patience: 101

Patience is not one of my strong traits (I repeatedly open the oven door to check if the damned ready-in-10-minute cookies are finally golden brown). The looooong, dreadful process of waiting for things in life… Ugh. Can’t we hurry up and skip to the pretty/delicious/rainbow-y part?

When I took up sewing, I didn't realize how much patience was required. Let's recount your very first sewing class, Linda: oh hey, remember when you pressed the pedal too hard and it caused the freaking spool to shoot up and nearly hit your friend Lu in the eye?! Then you went and sewed your purse inside-out like a clown! The seam-ripper was your BFF that day. You made all of these mistakes because you were rushing. And no surprise, you were the last student to finish...

I had meltdowns in later classes, too. I wished many a garment to hell. I couldn’t sew a straight line, much less a curved one. One particular day, I was ready to give up on sewing – I was so over this crooked-ass skirt I was making. My instructor noticed my frustration, clapped his hands, and enthusiastically said to me “gotta sew ‘em up!” Ugh… 

But then I had a breakthrough! I began to focus and worked that sewing machine like nobody’s business. I made things. Wearable, cute things! Could all this frustration be paying off? Plus, it was fun and I was developing quite the covetable closet.  

 My polka-dot blouse. With buttons down the back. Buttons!

Let's be honest with ourselves: we're not going to be The Shit at everything we touch. We're gonna have to put some time and effort into anything we want in life. But the labor is worth it. Enjoy the process. Laugh - literally laugh - at your mistakes! Revel in the fact that you're learning. Be present. Be kind to yourself and recognize your progress. If you love it, stick with it. And practice, practice, practice.

And now look what I can do! Work that skirt, girl. WORK. IT.


  1. I have always wanted to take a sewing class. It seems so rewarding! Congratulations, your skirt and blouse look amazing! Patience did pay off =)

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  2. Thank you so much!

    Take that sewing class! It's a great outlet for all that pent-up creativity, and time zooms by when you're doing it!

  3. i want that shirt!!!!!! please can i have one!

  4. you got it, toots. let's get together and pick some fabric and a design.

  5. I love your perserverance and style, Linda! One day I'll get on a sewing day ;)

  6. I'm inspired now! heck I've had the sewing machine in my house for 2 years and the only use it gets is when my mom uses it! I'm going to take some classes!