Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm a simple girl who likes fancy things! I'm a blogger, makeup junkie, lover of all things fashionable, wifey, youtuber & wanna-be stylist!

Q & A with Ana
Q. Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? No. But I knew this guy from high school who thought he was and he was always looking around like a weirdo.

Q. How have you changed from your teenage years?
I'm completely different! I'm not quiet, I'm loud, and not emo. I just like life more! I'm fun now!

Q. If the whole world were listening, what would you say?
OMG, I'm gonna get all John Lennon: to be happy and love each other.

Q. What can you spend hours doing?
Shopping and people-watching and swimming.

Q. What would you like to accomplish with Blushing Dames?
I would like for people to know there is a different view to how girls think and are.


  1. Que bonitas todas! Te ves muy sexy in this pic!!! ;)
    You like how I spanglished that up!

  2. Love it! Thanks hermana!! :D

  3. I need a stylist, I'm a HOT MESS! Can I hire you? Hehehe. No, but for real. I've seen your OOTD's on youtube and you have great style.

    Kudos on the blog. I'm sure it will be a great adventure!

  4. Thanks Carolina!! I will be posting all sorts of style and fashion blog posts! Stay tuned!

  5. megs whoo'da thunk it you would have turned out like this, lol! I'm proud of you and I love you lots :-)