Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pop That Sucker!

Santa Monica, CA 2012

I grew up in an area, as most, where people are very family-oriented, deep-rooted and - more than anything - comfortable. For most of my youth, I wanted to go somewhere; Montana: quiet, large, open. After a while, I saw more in Europe, and even neighboring states. Everything interested me, and the history of some cities/countries are beyond me. I love history. Growing up in this neighborhood, it was inevitable to most of us that traveling anywhere was nowhere near possible. Whether it was the money or time, it was just something that wasn't the norm. Or to some people I knew, it was the fear of leaving a place that brings comfort and security.

In my school books I found places that had beautiful history, structures, art, shores, food, and much more. I took my first French class in high school and I loved it. I wanted to go somewhere with that, someday.

After high school is when those seemingly impossible travels were made possible. My first major trip was to Miami Beach, Florida; it was also my first time on a plane (yeowza!). It was fantastic! Beaches? Check! Food? Check! A great experience?? Double check! It was only for a few days but we did so much, even better was that it was all expenses paid!

Since then, I have been to many, many places on a plane or in a vehicle. San Luis Potosi, Mexico?! Done! Memphis?! Done! Vegas?! Done!! SoCal x3?! Done!! Even in this great state of Texas, there have been many-a-travels to its major cities and small towns. I love this state!!

I never thought I would have visited so many places in my life already, but I have and I will continue to do so. I love to travel! I love to "do as the Romans do!" I love to see new places, new people, and new scenes. The world is bigger than just your neighborhood, your comfort zone. The world is out there, waiting to be seen and experienced. Don’t live in a bubble! Pop that sucker and see what else is out there! You’ll be amazed!

come fly with me...

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  1. Awesome :) Since I was a kid my mom made sure to expose me to as many different places as she could. Even on a tight budget she made sure I got to see mountains, ocean, forests, cites and cultures. Little did she know it would only inspire me to see more, and more will never be enough. I will never ever see everything I want to see, but I'm ok with that. And its now the more obscure places I'd like to see. The little known town out in the middle of nowhere that has a lot going on. That little country on the border of those other countries that, throughout centuries, has been a whirlpool of clashing cultures and is now its very own amalgam of a culture... Those things, those sights, those smells, are what I want, what I seek.
    We are fortunate to live in a place that is so centrally located to the outlying lands, beaches and mountains and such. Coast to coast we are right in the middle, and can choose easily where we want to go.