Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lessons My Dad Taught Me


Now don’t get me twisted; I am not by any means saying that I am Miss Perfection when it comes to this lecture, but I do aim for that title: having self-respect. Because if you don’t find it within yourself then who will? Throughout my life, I have done pretty stupid things that I can look back on and think Wow, now that was not classy... and remember my dad’s words. My dad knew that one of his roles in life was to teach his little girl to respect herself enough so that future men would not even attempt to disrespect her. That is why my dad never let me go out looking like a hot mess. It’s a big, huge difference on having “fashion” or just plainly looking like a Harry Hines girl. And if you still don’t get it… that means looking like a two-cent hooker. It aint cute!

My dear sweethearts, I completely understand the desire to have attention drawn to ourselves. Hell, I was the girl that wore toe socks in high school and ran around the halls screaming, just to have someone look my direction, but….. I have come to find out that we all carry a sense of beauty that we must channel and it shall bring out our shine... and that’s without having to wear that tight-ass dress that [come on now] does NOT fit.

Leave things to the imagination and don’t just put it out there for every man, woman, and child to gawk at. Trust me when I say this: 95% of the damn time that man, woman, and child is thinking, “she looks like a slut” or “that does not fit” or “she really thinks it's cute” or “I wonder how much I must pay.” We can look amazing with just the right amount of skin showing. It is possible!!! But having your boobs and ass popping out all the time just screams “damn it, y'all just look at me already!” Plus, I must add in, if you have not been given the volume to fit it then don’t wear it! Just because they are booty shorts does not mean they give you booty, it just makes it more obvious that you lack it. Just saying.

We are beautiful! We shine without the clothes and glamour. Our character and personality is our key! Not the ass and boobs! Leave it for Halloween or a private time between you and your boo. But don’t welcome the whole world into your bedroom by walking out and having the world to see. We can “work it” without showing it out. If you were blessed with some beautiful boobs then wear a good support bra that will give you coverage and the girls will still scream out “hi!” without having to show them off with a super low cut shirt. The backside can also be embraced by wearing a fitted skirt or some nice skinny jeans that will bring out the curves without having the cheeks come out to cheapen the outfit. And if you have neither, then girl work your beautiful face! Honestly our face is what we should always emphasize on! That’s what they should stare at and see first, if they don’t then its time we talk about what momma has taught them!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (find out what it means to you)
Love me some Etta James

Thanks Daddy! Love you


  1. I think youth deserves to be savored and enjoyed. We don't look good our whole lives, so I think it's OK to show some skin/curves. But like you said, it should/can be done in a sophisticated way to maintain some mystery, class, and respect to ourselves/others.

    I love how passionately opinionated you are!

    And wow, I really love slashes today.

  2. Love this post Di! It's so true! Girls need to calm down and make themselves mysterious!