Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If you were old enough to live through this, do you remember a few years ago (probably a decade ago at this rate) when WWJD? Was the “it” thing? Did you ever ask yourself that question when encountered with a tough decision? Should I go left, or right? WWJD? Should I wreak havoc or stay calm? WWJD? Those are just a few random possible examples.
Years later, do you find yourself asking a similar question in tough decision making? If you were ever between a rock and hard place, do you stop and think about what you will do or how it will affect yourself or others? Well, those are some of the things, I say, are qualities of a mature person. defines the word mature as: fully developed in body or mind, as a person.
There are more than likely a few times where you have given advice to someone on what you think they should or could do in a situation whatever it may be, and you leave it at that, just advice. For many years, my friends and some acquaintances would come to me for advice, which I offered, as well as a shoulder to cry on. I didn’t mind this then, I don’t mind this now. I am a Leo, characterized as being loyal, having honor, being decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic. (Just to throw that in). I take pride (no pun intended) in some of the more mature decisions I’ve made in life i.e. starting a family, keeping a close group of friends for years, feeding my thirst for educational and random knowledge.
Do you ever come into a situation similar to what advice you just gave? In other words: would you/do you follow your own advice? Depending on the situation, depends on your answer.
Recently, I have personally had a chance to follow my own advice that I gave, or tried to give, to a female about a year ago; she chose to ignore my “advice” thus causing tremendous turmoil in her life and those involved. Because I chose the route she didn’t, I saved myself from similar turmoil, which I’m very proud about.
Sometimes we are given a problem to solve that requires little work, lots of thought and lots of maturity. Whether it’s choosing to save your family, your job, your friendships, think about what your actions will require and who will suffer-near or far- in the end. Ask yourself not what Jesus would do, ask yourself what the mature thing is to do; after all, the saying goes “older and wiser” not “older and dumber”.

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